Wolves of Iceland

Hello! Welcome to the Wolves of Iceland! This is a canid based roleplay forum, established in the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur in Iceland. Our pack also presents several contests, forum games, and a close-knit member base. Join us! Who knows? You might burn a trail and be known as a local legend!

A canid based role-play established upon the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur, in Iceland.

    Rules and Requirements


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    Rules and Requirements

    Post by Soran on Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:54 pm

    The Rules and Requirements
    You must abide to these rules, if you fail to do so, not only will you be placed as an omega for an amount of time, you will receive one warning. After you receive three warnings, you will be kicked from the pack.

    I- Remaining active on both the pack thread and website is expected of all members. Without activity, this pack will collapse. The members are what keep the pack alive.

    II- Respect everyone! It doesn't matter what rank they are in the RP, they deserve everyone's respect.

    III- Follow the Dominant's word! They are what keeps the pack in order. The Dominants will only interject if it is completely necessary.

    IV- Please keep swearing to a minimum. I will allow a few swear words here and there, but if you continuously swear in every post of yours, you will be given a warning. Remember: Absolutely NO swearing on the WolfQuest thread, that will result in a locked topic.

    V- No inappropriate topics. I would like to keep this pack suitable for ages 12 and up.

    VI- No text talk. In the chat box a few words talks will be allowed (e.g. lol, rofl, btw, brb, gtg). Absolutely no text talk in RP posts and regular posts.

    VII- You must have basic grammar and English skills to participate in this pack. I want people to be able to understand your posts, not be guessing what you're trying to say.

    VIII- Unrealistic pelt colors and eye colors [blue and green is fine] will not be allowed, unless they are purchased in the Official Pack Shop.

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