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Hello! Welcome to the Wolves of Iceland! This is a canid based roleplay forum, established in the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur in Iceland. Our pack also presents several contests, forum games, and a close-knit member base. Join us! Who knows? You might burn a trail and be known as a local legend!

A canid based role-play established upon the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur, in Iceland.

    Soran - ♂ - Dominant


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    Soran - ♂ - Dominant

    Post by Soran on Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:10 pm

    When the days are cold
    And the cards all fold
    And the saints we see
    Are all made of gold

    Name || Soran
    Meaning || From Latin origins, Soran is a variation of the name Soren. But alas, both names mean "One who is strict and stern."
    Gender || Male
    Age || 3 years and 3 months of age
    Origin || The northern areas of Minnesota
    Rank || Dominant
    Voice tone || Soran voice walks a thin line between raspy noise when angered, and  light and welcoming when he is content. Tendrils of a northern accent intertwine to create a one of a kind voice that isn't heard much.

    When your dreams all fail
    And the ones we hail
    Are the worst of all
    And the blood’s run stale

    Species || Grey wolf
    Description || Being of the grey wolf species, Soran is an average weight of 95 pounds (43 kilograms). His shoulder is 31 inches (79 centimeters) off the loam, his height pushing towards the upper spectrum.

    Soran has a lean build, his profile appearing sleek and smooth cut. Acute ears top the crest of his cranium, the tips slightly rounded. Traveling down to the face, his snout slopes outwards, coming to an abrupt stop, then bending in declivity to form his chin. Precise oculars are placed of either side, the dark outline being a large contrast to the olive pigment of his irises. Lighter tints burst outwards from his pupil, looking equivalent to the careful strokes of an artists' brush. A deep ring of a emerald hue rings the edge of his iris, creating a sort of end line. A perfect dot of obsidian pigment is placed towards the center of his iris, appearing like a splat of black ink against a verdant parchment. Gaze following down the slope of his spine, his tail follows the line of curved segments. Medium in length, his plume is heavily furred, it usually being held is an upright position.

    A light cream base coat blankets Soran's slight frame, the tan hue appearing on his muzzle, the guard hair in front of his ears, and sparse patches littered around his structure. A dense top coat full of rich pigments covers most of the dark ivory bottom coat. His top coat holds hues of coffee browns, deep tans, light charcoals, and contrasting ebon hairs. He is marked normally for a wolf of his descendants.

    Personality || Soran is a down to Earth wolf with a warm smile. He enjoys welcoming wanderous wolves into his small pack, drawing them in with his kind words. Soran expects every wolf to respect him, as a wolf of his stature should not be looked down upon. When wolves disobey his words, his voice becomes raspy and louder, his warm persona vanishing completely.
    Weaknesses || He is not that physically strong.
    Strengths || He always looks at the glass as half full.
    Father || Titan
    Mother || Mala
    Siblings || None

    I wanna hide the truth
    I wanna shelter you
    But with the beast inside
    There’s nowhere we can hide

    History || Soran only reveals his history to those he trusts.
    Favorite color || Coffee brown
    Star sign || Taurus
    Theme song || Demons - Imagine Dragons

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