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Hello! Welcome to the Wolves of Iceland! This is a canid based roleplay forum, established in the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur in Iceland. Our pack also presents several contests, forum games, and a close-knit member base. Join us! Who knows? You might burn a trail and be known as a local legend!

A canid based role-play established upon the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur, in Iceland.

    The River


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    The River

    Post by Soran on Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:21 pm

    The River

    Whether it's reflecting the light blue sky in the day, or the navy blue of the night, this river is a swift moving body of water with a strong current. Large numbers of fish travel through these waters to their spawning area, which creates a huge opportunity for the wolves to fill their stomachs. No human interactions have been reported near the river.

    Prey: Migrating elk, water voles, fish, and several birds.
    Predators: Badgers and bears.

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