Wolves of Iceland

Hello! Welcome to the Wolves of Iceland! This is a canid based roleplay forum, established in the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur in Iceland. Our pack also presents several contests, forum games, and a close-knit member base. Join us! Who knows? You might burn a trail and be known as a local legend!

A canid based role-play established upon the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur, in Iceland.

    Cliffs of Lómagnúpur


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    Cliffs of Lómagnúpur

    Post by Soran on Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:14 pm

    Cliffs of Lómagnúpur

    Treacherous and unreliable, these cliffs serve as a lookout for the pack. Only the bravest, and sometimes most foolish, wolves watch the surrounding area atop the dry plateau. Wolves who gaze upon the land from the height search for incoming threats. Several precious herbs flourish between the cracked rock. No human interactions have been reported near the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur.

    Prey: Sometimes hares and voles wander into the area.
    Predators:Badgers, bears.

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