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Hello! Welcome to the Wolves of Iceland! This is a canid based roleplay forum, established in the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur in Iceland. Our pack also presents several contests, forum games, and a close-knit member base. Join us! Who knows? You might burn a trail and be known as a local legend!

A canid based role-play established upon the Cliffs of Lómagnúpur, in Iceland.

    Minari - Female - Shaman


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    Minari - Female - Shaman

    Post by Minari on Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:04 am

    ~ ~
    Get out your guns, Battles begun
    What you assume
    Name Minari de Jaq
    Name Origins French
    Nickname(s) Min, M, Ari
    Gender Female
    Age Three years
    Place of Upbringing Southern France
    Current Rank Lone wolf, to be Shaman
    Are you a Saint or a Sinner?
    What you observe
    Eye color Minaris deep pools shine a pale brown color, with very few interruptions from other hues. The brightness shines most noticeably on her outer rims, and in contrast, seem the most dull at her deep pupils. Every emotion she feels is clearly displayed on her orbs.
    Pelt color The females pelt can most simply described as a coat of varying hues of brown and red, fading in and out of different sections of her body smoothly. Masking her face and cloaking her upper body is a dark coffee brown that stretches her length. The color blends down onto her underbelly and fades into an off-white hue and also dominates her legs. Under her face on her chin and muzzle this creamy color is also present, as it is also in the form of two dots on her cheeks as well. On top of her head rest two perfectly triangle, rust colored ears. The color bleed down onto her neck, but it also reappears on the front of her legs in the warmer months.
    Markings/Scars None present.
    Physique She is lean, baring heavy muscle but hardly showing it. Minaris figure is generally well-rounded and lithe, though the way she holds herself and the posture she displays may make her seem a bit flighty. Her legs appear slender and light, allowing her to trot with a high step. The plume behind her is generally quite thin and long, not as desirably fluffy as some of her kin may bare. Her facial features are smooth and curved, blending in well with her light bone structure and deeply toned muscles.
    Deformities None present.
    Other None present.
    If love's a fight, than I shall die
    What you discover
    Persona Minari is a very down to earth specimen. She is calm and has a way of keeping her cool through nearly any situation. She has a knack for problem solving and is a very loyal and dependable wolf. She's often playful, for Minari can bore very easily. Keeping herself busy with anything she can may make her seem rather bossy, however. She means no harm when working, which is why she chose the constant work and lifestyle of a medicine wolf. This has forced her to work on her patience, and she is still trying to perfect this flaw to this day. Though beware, she can be painfully stubborn and overly confident, often taking her words and the word of others far too seriously. She often uses dull, dry humor, but one can never really tell when she's being sarcastic or not.

    Habits Busying herself whenever she can, curling her tail around her paws when sitting, and wandering aimlessly.
    Talents Remembering things, healing others, solving problems and puzzles, fishing, and climbing to the strangest places to seek herbs.
    Weaknesses Becoming bored easily, her lack of patience, her trait of trusting anyone, and her occasional snarky outburst
    Likes Water, herbs, the smell of pine, children, and the evening
    Dislikes Death, fire, bees, wolves with no sense of humor, and mornings.
    With my heart on a trigger
    What you may never know
    History Minari remembers nothing but the forest fire that split her family apart.
    Future Goals To be accepted into a long-term family, and to regain the knowledge she has lost.
    Father Blackfoot
    Mother Amailia
    Brothers Tyto, Jaques, Damen
    Sisters Julianne
    They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for
    What will occur
    Acquaintances N/A
    Friends N/A
    Best Friend N/A
    Enemies N/A
    Nemesis N/A
    Crush/Mate N/A
    Pups N/A
    Well baby, you are all that I adore,
    If love is what you need, a soldier I will be
    What else is there
    Tone of vioce Her voice usually rings quietly, allowing her thick French accent to become more clear
    Scent Minari smells of soothing lavender and sweet honey
    Default expression Contently bored
    Quote reprtation "It's the snowflake that starts an avalanche."
    Theme Song Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab

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